HawkLady Drone Solutions for Storytellers | Our method
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Our method

The art of flying

Letting your ideas take flight


Hawk Lady loves co-creating with clients. Together discovering ways of expressing your passion and sharing it with the world.


That is why we take the time to listen, share ideas and together come up with the best solution to share your message visually and help it come to life dynamically.


The importance of safety


There is something to be said about working with a certified company. For starters: only certified companies receive liability insurance to engage in paid flights.


Not only that, but we know how to operate safely in the available airspace. An important prerequisite when participating in aviation.


BNUC-S™ qualified pilot class 1 – NL

BNUC-S™ qualified pilot class 1 – BE


Remote Pilot Licence RPA-L – CAA -NL ILenT

Bewijs van inschrijving (BvI) – CAA -NL ILenT

RPAS Operator Certificate (ROC-Light) – CAA -NL ILenT

Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) liability insurance – worldwide

Flight medical check: LAPL (EASA)

It’s in the air!

Hawk Lady stands for ‘creating inspiration in the air’. Something that can be realized beautifully in a promotional film or a reportage.


Greatness comes from above. That goes for drone cinematography and -photography as well. From the air, we highlight for example craftspeople, travel destinations, industrial heritage sites, outdoor recreational sites, nature conservation areas, and vegetable and fruit cultivation areas in a striking manner, so that these images may become inspiration for others.

Hawklady met drone op het vliegveld



There is still much unclarity about the use of drones in public spaces. On this site, we will share information about law, rules and regulations to which drone operators should adhere.


Flying a drone is an amazing experience and ensures spectacular footage. Adhering to the rules of the “game”, however, is important to continue the joy for all.


By sharing information and new developments about the use of drones, we aim to contribute to the safety in the air.


Read our articles, learn about flying and subscribe to our tutorials!