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Is it time for spectacular images?

Drone Pilot Film Productions

Is it time for spectacular images?

Hawk Lady introduced

For me, as filmmaker in-the-making, I had the desire to find new perspectives. It probably is my adventurous spirit that found the solution in aerial shots. And that turns out to be a whole new ballgame in the world we live in today.

Aerial photography and cinematography

Hawk Lady is part of iOPENER co-creation lab for film and photography, and stands for female power and innovativeness. Hawk Lady literally and figuratively takes your message to a higher level.

To bring her to life, I collaborated with fashion designer Irving Vorster (Irvinx). He translated my vision into a wingsuit, which turned out both cool and classy. Through the use of asymmetry you sense power and dynamics. You can clearly see originality at work. That is the embodiment of Hawk Lady. 

To portray her, I chose airbase Soesterberg where photographer Oscar van der Wijk took the pictures. It is a thrilling experience being photographed, but as they say “practice makes perfect”. And, a pro like Oscar, he helped me out quite a bit.

Hawk Lady

Aerial footage for promotions, commercials and documentaries:

Think about nature conservation areas, industrial heritage sites, castles, outdoor recreation areas, travel destinations, vegetable and fruit cultivation areas. Everything that is away from congested areas, really, can in combination with ground perspectives be highlighted beautifully.


Hawk Lady pilot Hedwig Schipperheijn is Holland’s first certified female drone pilot who offers solutions as a filmmaker to companies wanting to share their story in a remarkable way.

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