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7 reasons why flying a drone isn’t a game

7 reasons why flying a drone isn’t a game

Anyone can buy a drone and fly a drone, so why so serious, you ask yourself, no?
And you are right. Besides, you know how to fly that thing pretty good, so what’s the big deal, right? Right!

It is that we’re talking about a hobby-toy that “all of a sudden” has gotten a turbo-engine and can do more and more when it comes to all-things-flying and also capturing footage. Laws and rulemakers are crawling behind.

Here we highlight 7 points why flying a drone isn’t a game:


  1. Airspace is, just like regular roads: busy and full of rules. Therefor, in airspace the same main rule applies as on the road: safeguard safety! Do you know the rules and do you know what it entails to fly safely?

  3. Hitting “the road” without knowing the rules, is dangerous. Okay, hitting the road and not using your common sense is even more dangerous. Those two combined, what are you thinking of doing??

  5. You can buy toy-drones anywhere, but it remains a powerful, motorised vehicle that demands controlled command. How much effort did you put in finding a safe place to practice?

  7. Although there is nothing more fun that going exploring with your drone, foresight (what’s the weather going to be like, for example) and a healthy dose of common sense (are there people, roads, houses around?) are things you should minimally posses. What about you?

  9. The battery of a medium drone contains a lot of power. Should it explode, which is possible, then you are dealing with an acute heat source of 1400ºC. Ouch! How are you handling your batteries?

  11. Because you are entering public space with your own “toy”, it doesn’t mean you are considering the privacy of others. To what extent are you considering that consciously?

  13. These days, you can do a tremendous amount with drones , from capturing 360º footage to flying incredibly high, to doing inspections with heat-sensitive camera’s to the follow-me mode. All totally awesome! But don’t be the rookie Ferrari driver who doesn’t care about social conduct in public spaces and totally underestimates the true power he’s got in his hands.


It’s true we live in a tiny country, but regardless, there is still 50% of airspace we are allowed to fly in. And, for the ones with a class 1 pilot licence, they can get exemptions and be allowed to enter even more airspace.

Yes, if you didn’t already know about them, you’ll certainly find it a nasty surprise to learn that there are so many rules and restrictions.

Fortunately, with all the online tools and apps we have already, it helps create a clearer picture. So, get to know your flying zones,keep your flying-height in check and let’s play!


Hawk Lady

Aerial footage for promotions, commercials and documentaries:

Think about nature conservation areas, industrial heritage sites, castles, outdoor recreation areas, travel destinations, vegetable and fruit cultivation areas. Everything that is away from congested areas, really, can in combination with ground perspectives be highlighted beautifully.


Hawk Lady pilot Hedwig Schipperheijn is Holland’s first certified female drone pilot who offers solutions as a filmmaker to companies wanting to share their story in a remarkable way.

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