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7 reasons to get aerial work done

7 reasons to get aerial work done

We see more and more video’s with aerial footage. In the movies we’re already used to seeing them. But that it has become (relatively) maintream accessible, that is thanks to the age of technology we are living in today.

Here are 7 reasons why aerial footage by drones can put the spotlight on your service better:


1. Aerial views provide scope and unique perspectives.

2. It’s a great way to differentiate your business from your competitors.

3. It’s more affordable than ever, and way less costly than chartering a plane/helicopter. No need for manned aircraft anymore. How amazing is that?!

4. Integrating aerial photography and videography allows you to showcase a different perspective/view on your work.

5. Time to coordinate is relatively short

6. Ummm, yes, you will stand out!

7. You will attract more attention, and yes, very possibly more customers!

Of course, not every drone pilot is the same, and not every pilot has enjoyed training at a RTF (Registered Training Facility)

Where lies the difference?


Compare it to driving a car. Yes, we all can learn how to drive one, with or without a driving school. And, we can all drive a car pretty decent.

But how nice would it be if your taxi driver would get into an accident and turned out not to be insured? And what would you think if the driver would, here and there, do weird (inappropriate) things in traffic causing other drivers to be in harm’s way?

And, even though you got to your destination pretty fast, you were feeling a bit nauseated because of the bumpy ride. ‘Yes, it was pretty cheap’ you could say to yourself, but clearly also a very different experience than travelling with a driver who would have followed the rules. Something like that…


Hawk Lady

Aerial footage for promotions, commercials and documentaries:

Think about nature conservation areas, industrial heritage sites, castles, outdoor recreation areas, travel destinations, vegetable and fruit cultivation areas. Everything that is away from congested areas, really, can in combination with ground perspectives be highlighted beautifully.


Hawk Lady pilot Hedwig Schipperheijn is Holland’s first certified female drone pilot who offers solutions as a filmmaker to companies wanting to share their story in a remarkable way.

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