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3 main reasons why a pilot licence is required – also for drone operators

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3 main reasons why a pilot licence is required – also for drone operators

It all seems so far fetched, but as indicated in 7 reasons why flying a drone isn’t a game, a pilot licence is required for people who want to fly commercially.

Here the top 3 reasons why:


  1. If you want to fly commercially (so, for payment) it is legally required that you have your RPA-L (Remotely Piloted Aircraft – Licence). As Pilot in Command (PIC) you must be accountable in accordance to the rules in airspace.

  3. Because airspace law is the same for all users, professional drone pilots to-be have to complete a training course. An RPAS pilot licence entails the same basic theory as for manned aviation, plus applicable drone laws. Flying is obviously purely for unmanned aviation.

  5. Just like on the road, so too in airspace is safety the number 1 priority. Your pilot licence (RPA-L) shows that you’ve gone through all the required theory and practical modules ensuring that you are capable of participating safely and coordinated in airspace traffic.

Since July 1 2016, you can also choose for a different type of commercial licence. In accordance with mini drone regulations “mini drone regeling”, you’ll receive limited theory as well as you are allowed to fly drones up to 4kg commercially, fly shorter distances at lower heights and with more restrictions. The licence you receive upon successful completion is a ROC-Light licence which is also a lot less costly (<€700 vs €12000) and is a very good way to get started.

But, you want to operate as a class 1 pilot and company?

My next story will have a handy list of 10 things you must do if you want to fly company-drones in the Netherlands. I don’t know about you, but I have lost track many a time in this world of rules, regulations and what’s required to get this done!

Here some useful links from the official Dutch regulatory body (ILenT).

Hawk Lady

Aerial footage for promotions, commercials and documentaries:

Think about nature conservation areas, industrial heritage sites, castles, outdoor recreation areas, travel destinations, vegetable and fruit cultivation areas. Everything that is away from congested areas, really, can in combination with ground perspectives be highlighted beautifully.


Hawk Lady pilot Hedwig Schipperheijn is Holland’s first certified female drone pilot who offers solutions as a filmmaker to companies wanting to share their story in a remarkable way.

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